Headphone amp for Audeze LCD-2 'phones

This is my first venture in headphone listening. I purchased a pair of Audeze headphones and want to find a headphone amp to match well with the somewhat difficult to drive Audeze's. I am considering a Decware Taboo (Steve Deckert says this would be a great match with planar magnetic 'phones on his site). Leaning towards the taboo because I would prefer a headphone amp that doubles as an amp for my speakers (with volume pot). Also considering Burson.

My budget is around $1,300.

Any suggestions?

Get thee over to all the various headphone sites like:

There are many others but the 6moons review just might help to narrow down your choices. Read up as much as you can before diving in.

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If you can stretch, the Eddie Current Super 7 is a stellar amp with the LCD-2. Very highly recommended.

Woo Audio makes a very good, reliable line of amps. The Woo 22 is very good if you have a balanced source, although not at the level of the Super 7, but they sometimes come up for sale close to your budget.

The Decware is probably a good choice, although not as well-known as Eddie Current or Woo.

I would avoid solid state. I used to own the Luxman P-1u, a $3000 solid state amp that many consider to be the pinnacle of solid state amps, and would take the Super 7 or Woo 22 over the Luxman any day of the week.
Thank you all for exposing me to what appear to be great amps. I have a lot of research to do. I'm hearing that the Audeze is FABULOUS with Red Wine headamps.