Headphone amp + DAC + Volume + ROON READY

I am loving my newly purchased headphones so much now that I am thinking of getting a second amp to use in my bedroom.

I am currently using a Benchmark HPA4 + Benchmark DAC3B + Sonore microRendu + Meze Empy.

I was thinking a Benchmark DAC2 DX would sound good, but already have a DAC3B and the Benchmarks are not ROOD READY. So I am curious if there is any other small box solutions that has a headphone amp with XLR headphone output, a DAC with volume control that is also ROON READY. It does not have to sound good as the HPA4, I want convenience and small form factor as the most important requirements.

This does not require analog inputs. I am thinking all digital for the bedroom. I guess the ROON READY has to be accomplished my RJ45 Ethernet or WIFI.
Did you take a look at Mytek Brooklyn Bridge?
Yes, that was another one I saw last night but did not post. Only concern on that one is that the DAC may sound very similar to the Benchmark DAC3B that I have (and like a lot).

The dealer that sold me the headphones suggested that I look into the following mobile player:

Cayin DAP

for a desktop or non-mobile solution he suggested the following (which looks interesting)


For streaming DAC he suggested the Lumin D2 which is a warmer DAC than the Benchmark and maybe a nice addition. A cheaper streaming DAC is something I will look into.

What do you think of the Cayin products?


I was thinking about your Mytek Brooklyn Bridge  suggestion and it was starting to make more sense to. The fact that it is a neutral sounding DAC would work best with the warm sounding Empy. It is also a 1 box solution.
Looked at some DAC ad's here on A'gon and this ad was for the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge + Meze Empy combo deal. So this must be a good pairing. This DAC actually does everything I asked for in the OP except the XLR headphone connector, which is not a big deal.