Headphone Amp AND good Preamp

I searched the forums and found some threads on the subject, but they were either too old or not quite on point, so I thought I would ask.

I am selling my "big rig" and intend to live on headphones and powered monitors in my study. So I need a good headphone amp, preferably tubed (for either Senn 650 or AKG 701), that is also a good preamp for powered monitors.

I like classical (symphonic and chamber) jazz (acoustic and electric) and some pop rock, etc. (in that order). Dynamics are key, as is good frequency extension at both ends. So I am thinking transformer coupled, but can be convinced otherwise.

Candidates so far are the Cayin HA-1A, Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 (if it still exists), Woo WA2 (would prefer the WA6 but it has no outputs), Mapletree + HD.

It is difficult to read anything about the preamp capabilities of these devices, so help would be appreciated.

I would thoroughly welcome recommendations in the under $1,000 range (or slightly higher), and the reasons.

Thanks so much!!!

Did you try hedfi.org?
Actually it would be head-fi.org.
I have the Peachtree Audio NOVA and it does the job for me. I don't need the amp section either, but the tube (or not) headphone amp and Sabre dac is more than worth the price of the entire unit. There are reviews on Stereophile and Absolute Sound as well as many others. A listing can be found on the Peachtree site. HTH.
Thanks for the tips!! Yes, I spent many an hour at head-fi, and in fact that is how I found the Woo, Mapletree, Signalpower (although I have not been able to locate them) and a few others.

However, I do tend to think that the "typical" (if there is such a thing) participant in these Audiogon forums makes sound quality their ultimate consideration, so I thought I would get some Audiogoner opinions.

I had completely forgotten about the Peachtree, so good call. However, I am thinking that its principal purpose is an amp, not headphone amp (not sure if that is a valid point but it resonates with me) and I am set on obtaining an asynchronous DAC, so the money spent on the Nova DAC would be for nought. That means that 2 of its 3 functions would not be of use. But I really like the suggestion!!

Just today I confirmed that Woo Audio will add a preamp out to their model WA6 for $130, which means a SET, transformer coupled tube headphone amp with preamp outs for $750. Thoughts?
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