Headphone Amp

Does anyone have any thoughts on headphone amps?
My Grado amp works nicely with my Senn 600's, and it's reasonably priced to boot!
What headphones do you have? The Audio Advancements Ear Max or Better yet Earmax Pro are very good and cool looking as well. With Senn HD600's I prefer them over the grado or headroom choices.
Hi Skut; I like the Headroom Supreme for away from home as it can be used with batteries or an AC adaptor-- sounds great too, and was once a Stereophile Class B amp. It can also be hooked up to a pre-amp by using tape out jacks, or a splitter into tape out-- Headroom has the accessories. I use it with 300 Ohm Senn. 600s. Cheers. Craig.
The NVA AP10H headphone amp is recommended by UHF magazine ( uhfmag.com ), although the review is not available on the Net. The amp is available in kit or assembled form from Peak Audio in Nova Scotia.

Also try Antique Sound Labs, they have a fantastic ALL TUBE, class "A", headphone amp. Best of all is the price --$250. I use it with my Senn. HD600's, run "direct" from a good source, it's like poppin' your head into the studio.
I have a Wheatfield Audio HA-2 headphone amp with Senn 600 headphones.The Wheatfield is a tube headphone amp of superior quality.Check them out at:www.headphoneamp.com
I use a Musical Fidelity XCans V2 tube headphone amp with my Sennheiser 600s (about $270 new I believe). I find the combination great, and prefer it to the intenal Headroom headphone amp on my Sonic Frontiers Line 3. Good luck.
Thanks everyone...I've been able to track a few of these down for auditioning.