Headphone amp

I see Little Dot has a micro-tube hybrid amp. Is this a
new product and has anyone used it or have any info about
it? It will be used between Senn 595's and a Parasound P3.
Thanks in advance, Steve
Go to www.head-fi.org and read many many reviews, impressions, etc of this amp--and hundreds of others! Mind boggling site.
Sc53, Thanks for the heads up. Those 6 pages answer my
question. Steve
I just received my Little Dot.Love it after 50hr break in.Installed it between my SS Phono stage and my SS pre Amp.Very nice sparkle and bloom added.Also sounded good with my Sony MDR-7506 Pro Headphones.Get The II++ version.JD
Thanks for the input. I think a Little Dot might work well
for my system. Steve