Headphone adapter for Ayre Codex

Hey Audiogoners,

I have a pair of ZMF headphones on the way, with a stereo 4 pin XLR cable that will work with my Violectric V281. I also have an Ayre Codex DAC/amp that I'm auditioning and would like to compare. The Codex has stereo dual 3.5mm headphone output jacks. Any recommendations on an 4 pin XLR to stereo dual 3.5mm adapter?

Also, any insights/opinions on the v281 vs. the Codex as a headphone amp would be welcome.

Cardas will make anything you want. 
I have Audeze LCD-2 headphones that have what appear to be tiny dual  female XLR plugs.  The Ayre QX-5 Twenty has dual 3.5 mm outputs.

..I have the same dual XLR's......call Cardas and have them make you the proper cable.....takes about a week.....get the top (Clear)