Head's up on Thor

As an audio enthusiast who usually seeks out and enjoys products made by small companies out of the mainstream, I'd like to give a strong thumbs up for the Thor Audio TA-2000 MKII linestage with phono.

I don't have an opportunity to demo or a/b any products so my purchases are based on homework and faith. The more popular upscale phonostages like Aesthetix, Manley and even Lamm, etc. are more quickly reviewed and brought up on A'Gon.

But I believe Thor should most definately be included. All the positive sonic cliches apply. What I find most impressive with the Thor piece is soundstage and inner detail. Also, the lack of thinking about what is impressive because everything is so cohesive it just sounds like great music.

Also, I have all my equipment on a Systrum rack. Systrum produces the most effective vibration control products, IMO.

My 2 cents.
I have a Thor TA-3000 phono preamp and have been in love with it since turning it on. I tried a number of otheres including Pass, Herron, Rouge, and Conrad-Johnson amongst others. The C-J really surprised me because my preamp and amp are theirs, but it did not do what the Thor does, if I was using a MM cartridge it might have worked better.
I keep it on 24/7 and just replace the tubes once a year. Musical and wondrous. Really deserves more attention from would be high end listeners
As a long term customer of Thor audio products, for me not only do I love how they sound and look,for me its also how user freindly they are and the bullet proof build quailty. For many of us Audiophiles it takes a long time to scratch up enough money to buy this great equipment and that makes it very important to make the right choice ,due to the cost of quality equipment. I tried others but ended up where I belong with Thor electronics ....They are that good...
I heard one of these in a system in a store awhile back, the only piece replaced within the system from my previous visit, and it was just excellent.
To add a little more perspective about the Thor TA2000 MKII, it replaced an Art Audio Vinyl One phonostage that I thought was fantastic for the money. I also have Art Audio Monoblocks so I was also nervous about messing with any manufacturer synergy. But as soon as I plugged in the Thor I could recognize a significant difference in sonics which improves even more with break in.
I also have a Thor TA-3000 phono preamp and it's a sure keeper...excellent...
I also have a TA-2000Mk2. I think Thor is a serious piece of equipment for the high-end audiophile. GREAT warranty, but an awesome sonic preamp. This is my final preamp purchase.
Just read a nice review for Thor TPA30 mk2 monos at www.soundstage.com