Head Phone Amp for Sennheiser HD 580

What is a good budget head phone amp for the Sennheiser Hd 580. A friend of mine has these and would like to get a amp instead of using his receiver's head phone jack. Suggestion appreciated. Thanks
I use a Creek with my HD 600s. Works very well, works well as a line stage if you have a volume control. Its volume controls the amp but not the line out.
Mine is the 21SE. There is a new one on here for $350 and an 11 for $90. The 11 would be far better than the amps that are built into most amps or receivers and would be a good choice, the 21 is better and has other functions as I mentioned.
Try and pick up a used X-Can V2 by Musical Fidelity. Should be reasonable here on A'gon, I drive my HD 600's with one, and it's very listenable. There are newer varieties of them, and, they are going to sound better, but then they will cost more, too.

Look at www.head-fi.org. You'll get lots of recommendations there to fit just about any budget. They also have a fairly active "member sale" forum.
Just saw that raving review from 6Moons. It outperformed Red Wine Audio and KingRex... Got to be something spectacular!