Head Hunters?

My musical tastes are constantly evolving. But, this album by Herbie Hancock reminds me of why I have invested the time and money into this hobby every time I listen to it.

Does anyone else have any "old school" funky-jazz recommendations. This is the one part of my collection that I really want to invest some time and money in.
Miles Davis Bitches Brew has always done it for me! Especially Sanctuary and Miles Runs Voodoo Down. Bitches Brew is awesome jam around 30 minutes long.
charles earland/ black talk...rahsaan roland kirk/blacknuss...the great jazz trio/ live at the village vanguard...larry coryell/ live at the village gate...cannonball adderley/ mercy, live at the club
School Days by Stanley Clarke
To continue Miles funk:
"Do-Bop", "Tutu", "Decoy", "You're Under Arrest", "Amandla".

Aiko Yano(japanese funk singer)

Pierre Moerlen's Gong "Downwind", "Time is the Key", "Leave it Open".
Ed Mann "Get up".
Try also ´´Fat Albert Rotunda´´ from Herbie Hancock.

Thanks for the suggestion Marsh...i just went out and picked up the SACD...and am loving it.

Try Osibisa, especially the 1st three albums. And get a load of those Roger Dean-authored covers!

Great responses, but I just have to recommend Chick Corea's "Romantic Warrior". Did I ever wear out the LP in my college days! If you like "Head Hunters" you should like "Romantic Warrior".

I actually prefer the follw-up to Headhunters titled Thrust. Superb drumming on both.
Well, Hancock has certainly had some real hit or miss albums (how about Bang Da Drum!), but I agree that Headhunters rates among the best fusion.
I too wore out my Head Hunters album in college! Stanley Clarke's School Days is a great recommendation as is Chick Corea's Romantic Warrior. I also recommend Stanley Clarke's self-titled album and Journey to Love. A few more suggestions come to mind...Billy Cobham's Smoking and A Funky Thide of Things, Lenny White's Venusian Summer and Big City.
Marsh, you might like Crossings by Hancock, Realization by Eddie Henderson, Dark Of Light by Norman Connors and even Invitation To Openness by Less McCann. You might try Magical Shepherd by Miroslav Vitous as well.

Have Fun, Lee
I appreciate all of the recommendations.

This past week I purchased:

Herbie Hancock (Thrust)

The Crusaders (finest hour)- a phenomainal album, there are a few tracks that I don't care for, but still a must have

Jimmy Smith (Back At The Chicken Shack)- what can I say I'm getting closer to the origin

I will certainly investigate the alternatives proposed here.