Head Amp For Naim Uniticute2 Help Appreciated

Hello Everyone,

It is a few years since I was last on the site,reason was that I did not own any Audio equipment?but am in the process of buying one of the superb (according to others)

NAIM UNITICUTE 2 + KEF LS50 Anniversary Speakers e.t.c.

Now i`m sure the above combo will sound great,and the headphone out will be good, but NAIM suggested I should look fora good headphone Amp??

Now I must have spent days reading up & refreshing my mind on this subject only to end up in a fog? you all know about that I imagine!

The headfi forum may be good but I really do not like it to much? I am far to sensitive! does not stop me looking though.

I need a short list of tried and tested soilid performing HEADPHONE AMPS maybe 4 or 5 approx; either TUBE ot SOLIDSTATE e.t.c.

Afraid living in Norway,does not make it easy to audition much,and meets like you have in the US do not really excist.so I need to rely on good honest feedback.

I will initially set a budget of say $600! cheaper is most acceptable

best wishes Steve

Hi Norskman,

Naim recommends a dedicated headphone amp because the
headphone section was a simple add-on probably (i can't find
the specs about it)
Which headphone models you have?

For around your price range, i can easily recommend the
Solid state Soloist Sl (they have a retailer in Norway, Moiz
audio i think)
It's your lucky day. The Schiit Lyr can be had for about $450. I got mine from Audio Advisor. Check out the reviews at 6 Moons and other sites to see if it's something you'd enjoy. It's very powerful and matches well with my AKG702's. I rarely use mine but when I do it's a pleasure.