He said, she said

She: What is THAT???????????

He: *innocent look* What?

She: That thing with wires coming out of it *she points*

He: Oh, that

She: What is THAT doing in the bedroom????

He: We needed it

She: What is it?

He: An active subwoofer

She: How did you pay for it??? I told you enough audio stuff!!!

He: Didn't cost anything, I swapped some stuff for it *his nose grows*.

She: Why in the hell do I need an a active subwoofer in my bedroom?

He: To help out the monitors, they really don't have much bottom end. See the crossover switch?

She: I could care a less about crossovers, dammit, I live here and I'm sick of your audio stuff strewn everywhere!

He: It's not strewn around, it's right over there (where it sounds best)

She: What were you thinking? First you show up with a turntable shelf to bolt to the wall cuz "digital doesn't sound right in here" and we need an "analog front end" in our bedroom. I didn't want a turntable in my bedroom and I sure as hell don't want a subwoofer either! For God's sake this is a bedroom.

He: So you want me to move the subwoofer out of the bedroom?

She: Get it out, now.

He: Will do, I'll put it in the ex-family room, now known as the dedicated audio room. I'll begin construction tomorrow. You can put the furniture that WAS in the family room in the bedroom, there'll be lots of space since the subwoofer won't be in the way.

She: For a subwoofer it doesn't look that bad, you may want to adjust it just a bit, it's a bit boomy

He: *smirks* We need analog.....
She: You should have it crossed over at 87hZ not 82hZ and its slightly out of phase(she puts nose yet further upward)- and don't get me started on the timing differences.....
In your Dreams. The wife would say at the end either the sub woofer goes or I shall leave. Besides Mom was right you are no good!!
Eat, bite, nibble, chew, hump, hump....."Excuse me sweetheart, gotta flip that record". Sorry Jeff, I couldn't live with a turntable in my bedroom. THIS is what they make CDP's with repeat for, IMNSHO.

She: Honey, this is our bedroom. I would prefer a three way, umm, speaker that is...

He: :>)
You guys are wierd.

Back in the real world:

She:...I feel a 6 month headache coming on....
Matty, that’s no way to get what you want. Just dicker !

You know, negotiate.
He says: Honey sit on it while I play some Rap.
She says: OOH, YA, WOW, WHOH, OH GOD, BABY I like that in the bedroom.
She says: Sweetie do they make a Bigger One?
She says: Can I use the bedroom system while your at work,
& out of town???
He says: Bigger one, huh you really think so???
He says: Sure Sugar you can use the bedroom system.
She says: Aren't you running late for work?
You guys are sick, ahh hilarious, but sick. Me too, cause I loved it. The way to get the wife to do what you want, is to show her the 9' tall speakers, and act like that is your dream. Hug them, carress them. Then she looks at Prodigy or a Wilson, or Maggie, in a significantly smaller size and says," What's wrong with this?" He slyly smiles into his shirt sleeve. Outdone again by the audio sickie.
Seriously, all stores should have a hideously large 9' tall, 5.5 feet wide speaker with flashing purple and orange lights, which are the pseudo 'first choice'. Then anything else could look tame. Is that manipulative enough?
This was fun. I LOVE THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!1
If she does not want to go, maybe her sister wants to! (kidding).

Your first mistake is tha you forgot to give her the present you bought for her and then show here the Sub!

Good Luck & Happy Listening.

This was an actual conversation that took place yesterday! As for the headache, she's had one for six years so it doesn't much matter. Bigkidz, she has a twin hehehehe