This person, name can not be revealed here, is back!!
This link is to another site we are all aware of and I am not sure if he hit this site or not. A year to year and half ago he hit EBAY and AudioReview with posts all over about him. He skirts state to state, ask sellers to take a deposit and never comes through with the balance. This is poor judgement on the sellers part anyway. He buys and sells little items to build a rating and then, whoops, expensive items that never ship!!!

Check it out. I have dealt with this person before, I know his deal, name, etc, so BEWARE and DON'T get stung! Check his rating!!!!!


Did you notice that the winning bidder had given negative feedback on him twice--kind of odd--why would you bid on someone that you had not one, but two previous bad experiences with?
I think this person went an did a BuyItNow for everything left on his auctions and then immediately left comments about the seller!!!

This guy has been around awhile.
The guy looks like a nickle and dime thief. I don't see anything major changing hands. I wish i could get burned on a DVD purchase(if you get my drift). I don't see this guy being around much longer with those feedbacks. Please keep us posted if he pops up again.

I hate people like that!
This is confusing. He leaves a deposit with the seller and then bails? So he is giving away money? - And why not reveal his name here so that we can identify him - especially if he is a known crook?
- Brian.
It seems like small potatoes, but if you look at some of the completed auction, he had a $4,800 macintosh PC. He starts out with DVDs and CDs, then into McIntosh home theater, Lexicon, and the likes.

His deal with buying is this. No ddeposit, he sends you $1,000 for a $3,000 item, a copy of a license, not his, anyone can get a fake, and then you send him the goods (part of his negotiation) and that will be the last you hear from him. "oh, it is in the mail", "my car is broken", to no responses at all.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think AudioGon allows names to be posted, otherwise I would gladly.

Theres another one out there advertising items on ebay as mint and then sending broken items.It happened to me and he gave me excuses for 40 days then emails me and tells me it was his friend using his account.I filed fraud complaint and went to leave feedback and the piece of ----! unregistered.Email me for his information if interested.