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I sent a cart off to andy at the needle clinic to have it re tipped. I was offered the option of a standard elliptical tip or an HE elliptical tip for a little more. Has anyone had this service done who might be able to tell me what the benefits of the HE might be? Is it worth the extra expense?
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While I haven't had this service done, I do know a lot about various styli shapes.

The HE, (hyper elliptical) will follow the cutting stylus closer to the actual cut than a standard elliptical stylus. You will need to be more careful on set up, but the HE will sound better.

Thanks! That is exactly what I needed to know. What should I be aware as far as being more careful during setup? Anything more than making sure my alignment and VTF are correct?
Azimuth and VTA/SRA are very important with any of the stylus shapes that more closely match the groove cut, (i.e. Hyper Elliptical, Shibata, Micro Line, Line Contact, etc).
Great posts by Mofimadness. Agree with them all, especially the last.

In addition, advanced stylus shapes are more sensitive to record groove and stylus cleanliness (or the lack thereof). Not that these styli are noisier; in fact, they tend to be quieter.

However, as that linked article explained, the whole point of shorter contact radii is their ability to trace shorter-wavelength groove modulations and thus reproduce HF's and low level details that coarser styli skim right over. This ability is easily masked by any intervening schmutz or fluff. I've "repaired" any number of high end cartridges that sounded dull and worn out simply by cleaning their styli properly. The farther up the stylus profile ladder you climb, the more critical record and stylus hygiene become.
Ok so let me as you this. The cart is a sumiko blue point special evo III. It will likely be going on a thorens td160 with the original TP16 tonearm. Would it be worth it to go for the HE elliptical with this setup or would the tonearm prevent me from really taking advantage of it.
No way man! Go with finer stylus - sounds like a great combo! Tp 16 will allow improvements to be heard.
How much extra is the HE over the standard? The TP16 arm is not the most adjustable, but you never know when you might upgrade.
It's only $50 more. I Know it's not the most adjustable arm and I have no idea when I might upgrade. I have always enjoyed the table and really was not planning on replacing it anytime soon. But that doesn't mean that if in opportunity comes up I won't take it.
If it was me, I'd spend the extra $50 without hesitation. IMHO, well worth the little extra dollars involved.
Thanks again. I went ahead and told him to do the HE.
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