HE 2004 West Cancelled due the worker lockout

Agreed Omains, its a shame because the high end audio business needs more positive things happening, not negative.
Sorry folks that's why I kept original message short.
I'm upset too. Seeing it posted with several shocked responses including me,led me to figure many don't know yet even as we near Nov 4.
I couldn't bring myself to cross their picket anyway. With nearing holidays the owners may settle faster.
Wow,1st I'd heard of this and I've lived here in SF 16 years.Well i won't have to take off a day from work,oh well guess I'll have to buy right here on A'gon.Some years ago I actually worked at one of the big hotels downtown and it was a toss up who were the bigger hypocrits, management or the crooks who ran Local 2 of which I was a member.Live and learn.
That's a good point, Clbeanz. I don't think I could cross a picket line either, at least without knowing much more about the specifics of the situation. I wonder if there's any contingency in the event that the lockout ends before Nov 4? It seems possible...
Please don't flame but things work better without unions involved and long ago I was a member only because I had to be. There was a time when they were useful but those times have long passed. It makes me sad and when I hear things like what has happened with this SF show.