HDTV plasmas with 4000:1 contrast ratio.

Anybody knows one? I cheked Panasonic line , but all HDTV plasmas had 3000:1 contrast ratio, only EDTV models had 4000:1.
I have the Panasonic EDTV model that claims to be 4000. (It performs very well). But I have heard it said that the 4000 number may be a slight exageration. Maybe it should be 3000 like the others.

Do you have the Consumer or Commercial version of the Panny? Is it the current model?

I'm seriously considering the purchase of either the consumer or commercial version of the current Panny EDTV Plasma now that I've seen them at $3499 and $2599 respectively. I would prefer the consumer version because it comes with speakers, DVI port and a table stand, all things I would need to purchase seperately with the consumer version.

What do you think? Are you happy with yours?

Thanks and enjoy,

(Tom In Cincinnati)
I am very happy with it. Model TH-42PWD6. Complete with wall mount and shipping it set me back about $3300. I got the commercial model, which was described as identical to the consumer model. On mine the speakers and DVI interface module were options that I did not need or want. Are you sure that they are included in the consumer model, or just a listed option. I use S-Video hookup, and I don't see a need to change to DVI (which my HD satelite receiver can output) until I get a HD monitor. The audio amps, 8 roaring watts per channel, are included even if the speakers are not. (So if you had some extra speakers on hand you could use them).

Thanks for the reply. Yep, the speakers are built into the bezel of the Consumer model and the DVI port is standard. It also has an NTSC (SD-TV) tuner built in and includes a table stand. Other than that, the glass is the same and the PQ is identical. Price difference is about $800-900.

I could actually live with the consumer model as I have an HT setup and cable. But, I would have to buy a stand or wall mount and the DVI blade to get what I want. Of course, I could use component video for now.

Again, thanks for the reply. It's nice to hear when someone spends $3300 and has no remorse.


I just hooked up my TH-42PWD6 today, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I thought the specs on the HD version did say 3000:1, versus 4000:1 for the EDTV. I have to say, however, that according to the AVSForum folks, contrast ratios are highly suspect b/c there is no specification for how to measure it.

Eldartford--I'd still recommend running component to your HD box. I used both S-Video and component from my CATV HDTV box, because I wanted the stretch modes when the channel was 4:3--the component on my box puts out black barred 4:3 in a 16:9 window, so it fools the Panny into not using stretch and I am slightly worried by screen burn. The component for HD channels is *considerably* better quality...

I bought this as a stopgap until the Sammy 1080p DLPs show up late this year/early next, with the intent of moving it to another room later. Now I'm reconsidering--the PQ is fantastic from where I sit (about 9' away). I'm now also not sure I really need the 60" I was thinking about...
Reubent...The wall mount (or a stand) and DVI interface module are worth about $375. So you would be paying $425 for the tuner and the speakers.

Edesilva...The DLP sets are very good, but they are about 19" deep, and my setup really needed the 4" plasma because of doorways to the left and the right, with walkway across the front of the screen.

I had heard that component connection is often no improvement over S-Video, so I have decided to wait and use DVI when I get a HD monitor. The length of cable is about 25 feet, so the cost of component wires would not be trivial.
Just get yourself to somewhere you can judge for yourself in a side-by-side test. If you like it, buy it.

There does seem to be some consensus that Panasonic is the best *ss-kicker in quality, well it is this month anyway.

DVI is important. Built-in speakers are not.