HDtracks died

I got almost half of my order downloaded (4.5 out of 11) from HDtracks and the download manager stop working. I tried everything HDtracks told me to do to kick start it but with no results. Plenty of disc space/reboot/ latest Java/direct to modem/internet connection/ slow download/etc. with empty results

Anyone have the same problems with HDtracks? What did you do?

What download manager did you use ??? Myself I would only do 1 at a time, kinda like the concept of copy and paste, if you cut and paste and the power goes out or whatever it's hard to recover, with copy and paste you still have the original file. Sounds like you used the browser manager ??? DAP is a pretty reliable manager that is resume capable but not always. DAP will tell you if the download is not resumable, get it from speedbit.com, it is and has always been free for around 10 yrs now.
HDtracks supplyies the dowmload manager and it does a line up of the music you paid for in the order you picked them.

There is no control over their download manager.
I downloaded their sampler and I don't remember it using their manager, but that was long ago when they 1st came out, maybe though.
Next time I am home I am going to snag up the Rollins Band - The End of Silence.
My MM is up to snuff.

SHM sounds as good as the HD material but @ $36.00 a pop vs $19.00 for HD.
I believe they did die! I was able to download the 5 tracks sample just fine. I purchased $30 worth of tracks the next day and the download always hung up halfway through the first track. Tech support by way of email is useless and their phone support is ALWAYS busy, number: 800-586-1558. Fortunately I paid using paypal and opened a dispute in the resolution center so they will be forced to respond (they have not yet) - I will be requesting a refund, this just is not worth the hassle if I continue having downloading problems. I do not want to hear how the problem is on my end since I had no problems downloading the sampler and downloading from other sites. They just are not ready for prime time and I think they have been sold bad software - their download manager. I urge anyone to try the phone number (800-586-1558) before paying and use paypal so you have options. If the site is having problems, there should be a banner on the site indicating that. The real problem is the complete lack of customer service. I will also contact The Absolute Sound and suggest they hold off promoting the site.
I've downloaded dozens of albums from HD Tracks Since Feb 2010. (73 to be exact, just checked)

I remember on a couple occasions having some kind of download issue. In each case it was resolved via an email to them in pretty short order, although not instantly by any means.

The download process always starts automatically via their own download manager... at least in my case.
As far as i know their customer support is busy...or takes some days to reply. And not all customers have the same problem.
Thanks for input Rayooo, recently for me their download manager always starts the download fine but hangs a quarter to halve way through the first track, again it worked fine downloading all five free tracks on Monday. Thanks for input Rex44, when you say customer support is busy are you also referring to their phone number currently always being busy? I am not the only one having trouble, Absolute Sound was quick in getting back with me and stated they received a wide range of reports about their service. Again, a simple notice on their web site indicting they are having problems and perhaps blocking download attempts until problems are fixed would save a lot of time and aggravation.
I was trying to remember what issues I've had over the couple years. I think in one case I recall where each time I'd start a download it would hang. I think I had to delete the default "My HDTracks Music" download folder (even though I emptied it anyway each time I started the download)

They really are way way overdue for a web site makeover.
Totally off topic, but most of their hi-res downloads don't tell you the source. Is there some way to find that out? I want to know if it was from the master tape or a dub, what equipment they used, who did the mastering, etc. For all I know, it may be a high-resolution encoded transfer from an LP. Is this information available somewhere?