HDnet concerts on Dishnetwork?

Have been recording hdnet concerts for a while and the last two nights have listened to Tom Petty Gainsville cncert and a 1hr special with Stevie Nicks.
On both the sound was shallow and lifeless. Everything was on one small plane. Little to no seperation from instrument to instrument and zero front to back. Uninvolving.
Tried dd, stereo, and direct. All the same.
Denon 2802 Rear Harmon Kardon amp
B&K Ref 20 for front channels through Bryston 3bst
Gallo Ref 3.1 FR Speakers
These were broadcast in HD and receiver showed dd. Is this as good as it gets?
I have a Dac60 (currently off for repair) that I would like to run the sound through but it does not handle 5.1. If I set the DVR to output PCM and run through the dac is there a chance that the sound will improve?
Are others feeling the same about broadcast concerts? What will it take to improve the sound?
I have heard about a dozen different concerts on HD Net and they were pretty much all very good sounding (not truly hi-end though). Could be just the way Tom Petty sounds or just this concert.
Watched "Trinity Sessions Revisited" last night. Much better. 5.1 placed me in the middle of their circle and direct had a little depth and seperation.
After listening think you may be right. Concert to concert may be the problem. Just different recordings.
When I get the dac back I'll give that a try just to see.
Definitely the different concerts. I put on the Petty concert to check it out, then flipped to the James Taylor concert, and it's night and day. With J.T., you are in the audience, with Petty, it sounds like listening to an mp3. Too bad, cause T.P. still rocks it!