HDMI what to buy?

I just want a cheap HDMI cable, $50 for 1 meter or so.

Is there any picture difference at this price level?

should I just keep the one I bought from Best Buy or get one from signalcable.com or something similar for slightly more?

any help appreciated...


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There are a lot of ads saying they are the best etc etc. Some HDMI cables can carry more data than others and that is important for HDMI 1.3 which will become more popular with time.

Monoprice offers very inexpensive but quality cables at more than one quality level and gauge.
The Blue Jeans cable site, however, in my opinion, offers the best HDMI cables relative to price. They offer three levels. The discussion of HDMI on their site is very educational. One can get a very good 1m HDMI cable for less than $50. You could also spend a lot more elsewhere but not get better and get worse. Most HDMI cables are made in china and the same cable is sold under various names and label.

I would go with Blue Jeans Cable HDMI cables.
Good wishes.
I really like my HDMI cable from ramelectronics.net.
I have never AB'd them with other cables but I like my picture. They have quality connectors and a stout cable that looks and feels well shielded. I think they run around $35.
Bluejeans. Also, try contacting Varrastarr direct. You might get the right discount.
thanks guys!

BTW mine is a Dynex and my TV is a Vizio with a Hughes HD250/10 DVR.

I will look at the sites you mentioned...
The cheapest. They are all the same. They either work or they don't. I purchased from Monoprice.
I agree with cheap, there are much better and more critical areas to spend money on actual performance.
I agree with Chadnliz and Zog except for when it comes to shielding.

The back side of an AV system can get pretty busy with cables so I feel like if I go too cheap on AV cables then I may get some unwanted noise.

I purchased a 3 meter Phillips HDMI interface cable for $36.00 at Wal-Mart and the video picture quality is fantastic between my Marantz DVD player and Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV. I truly question how much difference there can be in HDMI cables and why the prices are all over the scale. Save your money and spend it wisely where it many count more !!