HDMI video signal but no audio

Folks, I was upgrading my HDMI cable to 1.3 certified from the DVD player to receiver. My HT system had been working as set up, with a DVD player and HD STB both hooked up to my Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver. But I no longer have audio signal through the HDMI from DVD player, although video is fine. Cable signals via the STB are still great for audio and video. All connections are HDMI. When I reconnected the previous cable, still no audio.

What could have gone wrong?
Check the menus in your DVD player. This happened to me, and it was a simple matter of changing some audio settings.
This happens in my set up occassionaly as well. I unplug the HDMI from the back of my blu-ray player then plug it back in and this remedies the problem.
Perhaps as is said here, the hand shake didn't get done right. Powering up again following a check on the connections should do it. otherwise, on my Onkyo receiver on the front drop down panel there's a button which enables HDMI use... pressing the button until you see "YES" ought to take care of it.

or the player needs some rechecking in it's setup menu just to be sure.
Thanks guys. Your suggestions were spot on.