HDMI TV input issue

i have 3 plasmas with blown hdmi inputs - from power surge from lightning. Using component cables on these TV's now...anyone else run into this problem? HDMI inputs must be super sensitive...
Just a guess, but if the HDMI input signals were being provided by cable boxes, perhaps the grounding block that the cable provider should have installed on the outside of the house was improperly installed, or is defective, or is grounded at a point that is too far from where your AC service panel is grounded.

Any of those possibilities could put a huge voltage spike into the HDMI inputs of the TV's in the event of a nearby lightning strike, if they were connected to cable boxes.

-- Al
thanks Al, this has happened in 2 seperate houses wih directv, fortunately not to my main tv pioneer elite, but honestly component vs hdmi is no slouch