HDMI to SPDIF/Toslink converter-audio stripper

I would appreciate for recommendations on HDMI to SPDIF/Toslink adapter/converter box.
The reason for this:
The DVD-A player does not output PCM audio through SPDIF at full resolution 24-bit 96 kHz, it down converts it to 16-bit 48 kHz.
I want to strip the audio from HDMI and get it to an external DAC at its full resolution as RWA PCM.
Meridian has just such a solution; just released...I have not heard it; so can't comment on its features. Meridian did this because their processors can't handle BlueRay codecs via hdmi; only analog input...it retails for around $2600.
Let us know..you can find out info on it on the Meridian web page.
Thanks for the info.
I have ordered:
Will see how it works.