hdmi to dvi compatibility

I have a Lexicon RT 20 w/ hdmi outputs and an Leowe Articos HD55 with a dvi input. No digital signal is transfered between the two devices in 720p mode (or any mode for that matter). 480p component (analog) works fine. Any advice on ways to resolve this apparant hdmi to dvi incompatability? Intuitively, one would think the digital video would be passed w/o issue to the DVI.
The rules created by the 'paranoid' do not allow enhanced signals to pass without the proper hardware signal being sent back from the receiving end.
Your Leowe probably does not conform to the digital managment thing and thus the sending unit is not allowed to send any signal in hi-def. You are S.O.L.
This is a pity.
Buy a new screen that has the digital rights built in.
I've had no problem going the other way, that is, DVI to HDMI. Is it DRM that prevents HDMI to DVI? Perhaps there is an adapter of some kind that will make this work out for you.
Talk to the gurus at avsforum.com for a work around.
Go with component video. Save a lot on cables and it is doubtful that you will see a difference.
All the high def sources must be HDCP compliant. If they are not you cant pass a digital video signal using a DVI or HDMI connection. You can only get 720/1080 by using an analog 3 cable component, 5 cable RGBHV or a RGB/RGBHV 15 pin D-SUB connection.
Thank you for your response. I am not familiar with accronym DRM. What does it refer to?
Digital Rights Management. I believe it gets used as an umbrella term for copy protection of digital media.
Just get an adapter cable dvi-hdmi.
Slightly diffrent question. My HD TV has one HDMI input. I have been using it from my Denon 2910 DVD. I just upgraded my cable box, so that I now have HDMI output form the box. Does it make more sense to run the HDMI ffrom the cable box? Will I notice a difference? Is anyone still having problems with the HDMI from the cable box (seem to remember this being metioned a few months ago)?