HDMI Switchers

Thinking about getting an HDMI switch since I have more sources and not enough HDMI inputs on the back of my Sony TV. I've seen some real cheap and some outrageously expensive. Some passive and some using wall warts. Some have remotes, some use auto switching. Saw a review on-line for an Oppp for about $100. I'm leaning towards it on the name only.
Any input or suggestions?
I own the Oppo switcher, it is excellent.

Other than my opinion, consider this experience, something that came as a complete surprise to both myself and my tech.

I paid for professional set up of my 65" Panasonic Plasma and after the initial calibration (direct into Panasonic HDMI) the tech suggested the tester be fed into the front end of the system where the (AT&T fiber optic) HDTV box provides my service.

From HDTV box to Panasonic on the wall, the HDMI run is 35 feet under the floor across the room and up the wall.

Previously I had done an HDMI shoot out between three cables and decided on Monoprice as best picture (the cheapest of the bunch).

Against the Monoprice was an expensive audiophile brand, the Blue Jeans "Belden bonded pair" and also the Gold Monster Cable.

The tech was equipped with a top quality Sencor to set up the color, resolution and gain of my TV and both he and I were surprised that after moving his instrument to the front of the system, the calibration needed almost zero re-adjustment.

It turns out the Oppo has an amp and color EQ correction that allows cable runs over a long distance. Based on that and what I saw, my opinion is to spend $100.00 on the Oppo switcher/amp instead of $500.00 (or more) on an expensive HDMI that cannot compensate for distance loss.
I bought one of these about 8 months ago and it has worked flawlessly. It comes with a remote but it also senses the imput and switches automatically. Small enough to hide away. $14.47 on Amazon.


Also look at Octava.
Bought the 5x1 hdmi switch and works great. It has an equalizing function and passed 1080p
over a 12 m Wireworld HDMI perfectly.

I also have a Oppo switcher and it does works great!
But, I understand it has been discontinued.
The Key Difital is excellent. No signal loss. I gave it to a buddy and he loves it. I was using a DVDO iScan in its place (bypassing upscaler) and also worked great.