hdmi passthrough to plasma display on cary 11a

I am looking to buy a cary audio cinema 11a surround processor. However, I do not want to have to use the surround system to watch a blu-ray with only tv audio. My question: If the hdmi out of the blu-ray player is plugged into the 11a, and then the 11a hdmi out goes to my plasma, can I simply play a disc and watch it on the plasma without having to turn on the 11a? I suspect that it will not pass the hdmi to the plasma without being powered on...?

Not possible on the Cary. That function is rarely found. Many people resolve this with an HDMI splitter or switch before the processor, so that the player (or, more commonly, the cable box) can feed the processor and another input on the TV, independently.

Just curious, why would you want to watch a movie using only the TV's speakers, as opposed to surround sound?
I have given up asking. Usually, it is for other family members who do not want (or are not wanted) to use the surround system.

Kr4 is exactly right. Sometimes, I just want to turn on the news, or just watch a show at low volumes. Don't understand why that is so difficult for some to accept? My plasma is in the livingroom, unfortunatly I don't have the luxury of a dedicated home theater, if I did, then it wouldn't be an issue. It's moot anyway. I came across a deal on a Krell Showcase 7.1 which I couldn't pass up. While it doesn't have hdmi, it does have a 7.1 analog in, so when I return from Best Buy tonight with a new Panasonic BD80K, I'll have my lossless w/o the need for hdmi switching.