HDMI connection

I want to connect an upconverting DVD player to my television. I have the television's speakers turned off and the Prog Out audio outputs connected to my stereo preamp. So, if I use an HDMI cable from the DVD player, will this connection work for DVDs ? Do upconverting DVD players have analogue audio outputs that allow using the HDMI cable for just video ? (I haven't bought the DVD player yet.)
1. Whether the connection described will work depends on what that particular TV outputs. BTW, what are "Prog Out audio outputs?" This is not a standard term.

2. Most do have analog outputs. Some stereo, only, and some multichannel.

It sounds like you are looping the audio of your source components through your TV and then a single run audio output to your preamp and using the TV to switch among audio sources?

If so, it will work but you may have to also run a set of analog audio cables from the upconverting DVD player to your TV. It's possible but unlikely your TV will convert a digital audio input signal from HDMI to analog for output from your TV's analog audio outs. Also check to be sure your TV's HDMI inputs have corresponding analog inputs for audio as was common on the older DVI inputs.

The player's analog outs should be "live" all the time but if using a digital coax connection for sound from the DVD player you will probably have to turn HDMI audio to "off" in the DVD player's set-up menu to activate the digital (non-HDMI) audio output.