HDMI cables for audio

Does anyone know of a D/A converter that uses HDMI output. The reason I ask is that my laptop that I would use for music files has a HDMI jack. Is there any advantage to using HDMI over usb? I would be recording my vinyl to harddrive at 96 or 192.
the ps audio perfect wave dac has an hdmi input.
So does W4S DAC2, but NEITHER will take the usual signal passed through HDMI! It's only the connector and cable, but the signal is I2S.
Both these DACs use their HDMI inputs to connect to the PSA Perfect Wave Transport!
That input will not work connected to the HDMI output of the computer.
As always, I might be wrong and I'll happily stand corrected if proven so.
NAD has one in the works. It will be 2channel only.