HDMI cables are all the same?



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Are all interconnects the same? Are all power cords the same? Are all speaker cables the same? No, they are not.

I have used numerous HDMI cables. I have retained two different brands. For the bedroom and office connections to the satellite receivers, I use inexpensive Monoprice cables. When I use my main television in the den, I use Wegrzyn Silver HDMI cables. They connect my satellite receiver and Blu-ray player. These cables yield more detailed sound along with richer colors and a sharper image.

I did not believe there was that much difference until I tried the Wegrzyns. I will admit that the difference is not substantial but, if you are looking to get the best performance from your 1080i, the Wegrzyn will definitely show you a difference. I will be purchasing at least two more within the next year.

I don't look at the specs. I trust my eyes and ears. Try one, you'll really be glad you did.