HDMI Cables

Someone recommended I use WireWorld cables.

Man obviously I am a bit of a newbie cause I would not expect to pay $100-500 for (1) HDMI cable.

I just looked them up and there are several types! Plus they are freaking pricey! Is this the cost of being an audiophile! I cannot skimp on the cabling?!!! LOL…!!!

Hoping there are other options?

There's are WIREWORLD's pricing!
Island 7 = $26.00
Chroma 7 = $46.00
Ultraviolet 7 = $100.00
Starlight 7 = $170.00
Silver Starlight 7 = $270.00
Platinum Starlight 7 = $500.00

WOW… anything above Chroma is a push for me! I guess someone school me on the importance and if I really need to shell out more than $50 bucks a cable.

Or someone tell me there are cheaper alternatives that will provide the same results!

THanks ladies and gentlemen!
I get good quality well reviewed ones on Amazon that are not expensive and work just fine. And yes I am very picky when it comes to getting good results.
There are lots of other options, Wire World makes some very good HDMI cables. Check Audio Advisor they have some cables that are not as expensive and give you what you need to be happy. You can always upgrade later down the road
Thx 333-

I own the WW Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI. The quality of both sound + picture is 2nd only to the Platinum HDMI (at a higher cost). I use a Sony XBR CRT w/ a Pioneer Elite DVD
spinner. Just incredible!

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
HEY JAFANT! Is the $270 Price point for the Starlight 7 worth it? Do you see a significant difference in picture quality? SOund quality? Versus your middle of the road HDMI cables?
Never mind. I found this article which has enlightened me quite a bit.

"Are expensive HDMI cables worth buying? We asked an expert…"


I think I will go with decent price cable from a reputable company. One that is labelled high speed HDMI and active and reasonably priced.

I don't think I need to spend $100+ let alone $270 for a Starlight 7. Seems like Monoprice (posted above) is a great option.

Thank you for everyones input. Hope this thread helps others as well.
Thx-333...the reason I recommended Monoprice was that I did a HDMI shootout about 3-4 years ago.

I had HDMI cable from Audioquest, Kimber, Monster, Cardas, and several others with retail prices up to around $400.

The Monoprice Redmere HDMI cable was the winner!

This wasn't a scientific test or anything, but 8 different people helped with the evaluation over a couple of month period. Either the Monoprice was better or you really couldn't tell the difference.

For $10, it's a no brainer. Keep us posted as to your choice and how you like it.
I use Ultraviolet 7.....can't tell you enough how good it is.
there absolutely is a difference in pic quality between hdmi cables.

The Monoprice is a great bet their stuff is very good.

tell us how it goes...
Thanks Mofimadness! IT IS a no brainer. At a $10 price point plus the durability of the Monoprice - gotta give it the crown.

In the article (link) I posted above the experts argue that we are no longer in an analog world where the type of cable and length of cable mattered to picture quality. Those days are gone.

We have entered the digital realm. Today… it's either you get a signal or not. There is no signal loss due to the type of cable used or how long your cable is.

I tend to agree with his article.
THX 333....boy is that guy wrong. I tried out 6 different HDMI cables and they looked different on my Sony, and sounded different on my Denon/NHT speakers. By far (no small different) was the Wireworld which I didn't return to the seller.
Thx-333. I'd say the consensus here is split down the middle. I think different digital cables definitely sound different based on my limited experience, including HDMI cables. May I suggest you buy a couple of cables, the Monoprice that seems to be the favorite of at least several people on the forum, and a slightly more deluxe cable with some silver plating like the Panagea cable offered by Audio Advisor or one of the entry cables from Audioquest, and use both for a while and see if you can tell any difference in sound or video quality.

in my experience I went from a generic hdmi supplied with a TV tuner to a modest priced hdmi (Signal I think) and the washed out and grainy look of the first cable completely disappeared and was replaced with crisp colors and a defined picture.

It was a huge difference for not much money
Mono Price HDMIs work fine in my AV system.

what kind of tv and associated gear (DVD/BR) are you using?
I would be remiss if I did not suggest the WW HDMI.
The Silver Starlight will accommodate everything up to a
plasma set. If you own a plasma set (new or older) then you will want to consider the WW Platinum HDMI as this particular cable will be the very best compliment.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Hi Jafant. I am waiting for Sony to send me a refund under warranty. I currently have the XBR 55HX950 and plan to swap it for the XBR 65X930C as soon as I get the check!

So far this thread seems divided in needing to spend up to $500 for HDMI cables. WorldWide has already been suggested with Monoprice also at the more popular end.