HDMI cable differences

I currently have a Wireworld Ultraviolet 5II. Can someone explain to me what improvements i would gain from going to a Wireworld Silver Starlight 6 ? Is there any audible differences noticeable or is there just better video quality with the better cable? I have the opportunity to get the Silver Starlight for a decent price for a limited time so i just need to know if it will be worth the upgrade.

If nobody can give me first hand experiences i would appreciate being pointed in the right direction to find some more info. Thanks.
Most of the HDMI cables are adequate. The partial silver plated ones are better. So the 4% or 6% silver are as good as they need to get. For the desire for a better picture. a powerline conditioner is the best way to get a clearer, picture. Better color, clearer, less grain. (Grain you did not even know was there until it is gone!)
A good conditioner improved my 42" plasma, and many others mention the gains in viewing thier flat screen with a conditioner.
Thank youvfor the response. I am mostly interested in what a better cable would do for sound if anything. My tv is only 1080i anyways so It would probably be the weak link as far as PQ goes. If i dont get an improvement in sound i probably will pass on this deal for now anyways. If my Ultraviolet 5 squared is a low budget cable then maybe i should grab the Silver Starlight. I just dont know.
i use hdmi for audio with my ps audio gear. there are differences. cables containing copper only sound better.

as far as the video mode, i also prefer copper cables for better color saturation, but silver playe improves picture clarity, cables should satisfy then 1.4 specs to be adequate.
I used to be in the commercial video editing and media duplication business. Believe it or not, I have used budget mass market HDMI cables that I've bought at wholesale for under $10.00 and seen little or no difference in picture quality vs. some of the over $100.00 cables. Mainly, I would be concerned with having clean power to your video source and screen and being sure the connections are securely plugged in.
i noticed big differences in hdmi cables regarding audio. only noticed slight differences regarding video. unlike Mr Tennis who posted above, i much prefer solid silver (not plated) over copper or copper/silver hdmi lines for audio. liked silver/copper mix best for video.

think you'll have to see for yourself what works "best" for you.