HDMI Cable

I recently changed my system and now use HDMI connections. I began with the stock cables then switched to Monster, then MIT and the differences were very apparent. The Monster cable (Ultimate I believe, whatever their best and most expensive is) was better in every way and has me very curious about what cables you folks prefer. I did some searches and although there are threads comparing hdmi cables, they are a bit older and this is evolving rapidly so I thought a new thread would be ok. I have ordered some Wireworld Silver 5.2 to compare as they seemed to be preferred by many. I should have them in a few days. Please share with me what HDMI cables you would recommend trying.
Also....please do not turn this thread into a debate about whether hdmi cables should or should not make a difference. I have demonstrated enough evidence for me that they do and started this thread to explore it with others who share that belief. There are plenty of other threads of you feel the need to debate. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
i won't dispute the fact that you heard differences.

in two channel stereo, the application of hdmi, is usually in the digital mode, between dac and transport.

i have a ps audio cable , their most expensive, composed of silver. i would consider trying other hdmi cables, but have no idea what to expect. i prefer coax to the silver hdmi, but am open to the possibility that there is some copper hdmi that i may like better.

for example, i find the silver hdmi, between ps audio dac and transport, both perfect wave, unpleasant sounding--silvery.

there are many copper hdmi cables, but i have no idea where to seek a cable, what companies manufacturer them and their differences in performances.

perhaps, you have more experience than others and can provide your perceptions of differences between them, without necessarily recommending one.

as a reviewer, i probably could get a few, but i am not sure what companies to contact.

i suppose it would be interesting for readers to peruse a comparison between several copper hdmi cables.

have any suggestions richard ?
Mrtennis...I really do not have any suggestions. I am about a month into my move to components that have hdmi connections so I have very little experience. This is why I started the thread actually. I realize that it will come down to trying some in my system however it would be nice to get some information from others experience too. Frankly, I was a bit surprised at the difference in the few cables I have messed around with. I was hoping there would not be any!
May I suggest BJC Series-F2 Belden Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable from Blue Jeans Cable. http://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/hdmi-cables/hdmi-cable.htm

as good as you will find at any price. I have 4 of them.
I've "read" that The Nordost is pretty good also. I was all set to try it a year or so ago but somehow got sidetracked. I've gone the Blue Jeans way for now :),
but I'm certainly not against revisiting the matter.
i can't address the audio of the cables, as i run spdifs to the preamps, but the most "realistic" looking hdmi i've found is the audioquest level 3. i will loosely and subjectively define "realistic" as having the most natural color balance (even after calibrating/tweaking) and the best image edges i've tried.

the audioquest x is terrific, too (better than the higher up level 1 in my system).

i also have wireworld and dh labs cables and they are excellent. nordost, monoprice, and mit didn't quite work as well on my tvs. i was bummed about the monoprice, as it's so cheap, and the mit because they have been the best-sounding AUDIO interconnects i've ever heard.
After trying some moderate and high priced ones, the best I have found and fairly priced is made by Supra right here on Audiogon.
Hi Richard, I agree. It's time to move on to newer HDMIs as they may carry newer technologies, etc.
May I ask whats ur intension regarding of this post, audio or video?