HDMI ARC from Vizio M602i-B3 to Oppo 205?

I tried the above connection without success; silence. Am I expecting too much? Is there are method to make this work? I can try optical from Vizio TV to Oppo DAC section, but was hoping to reserve that Oppo input for another source (D-VHS).
I found the ARC connection with my own Oppo 103 rather iffy.  After you are sure you are using the right TV connection (usually only 1 has ARC) and that the Oppo is enabled you may need to restart it a couple of times, or restart the TV.
@imhififan, thank you for taking the time and effort posting the link. Your consideration is appreciated. I had already referred to the manual, but it was of little help.
@erik_squires, Thank you! Yes, I used the appropriate HDMI output. Perhaps it’s not me. I’ll try again, switching on and off as you suggested.
@erik_squires Doh! I used the right connection on the TV but not on the Oppo. The labeling is a bit confusing, and it takes a split second to connect, but it works like a charm.