HDMI and Component


I just ordered a Pioneer plasma (pdp427xd), but I am completely new to the HT world.

Question: what is 'the best' HDMI and Component cable, regardless of price?

This may seem a silly question, but don't forget I am a two channel freak... :-)

Go to www.bettercables.com. As good as the rest without the ridiculous prices. The Perfect Sound use these in their systems as do I.
Sorry about the last post, the text keeps popping up with an auto password program I use. Rd's advice is sound. You can't go wrong with better cables.
I assume you will want to use either HDMI OR Component. If so, I suggest you go the HDMI route. I am a 2-channel freak too. In my opinion, I have yet to see a "cost justifiable" difference in quality from the lesser expensive cable to a more expensive cable. Also, consider the OPPO 981 or 971 DVD player which are fantastic and put the boutique players to shame. They are provided with the HDMI cable which works fine. I realize that with the new TV you are "itching" to spend money but be patient. It may be better to invest in a good power stabilizer rather than cable. BTW, I also have the 50" Pioneer Elite and am quite familiar with the line.
Go to AVSforum.com, those guys know their stuff when it comes to HT. Their advice re: digital cables (HDMI)is that there is no difference. Just get cables approved for in wall installations if that is your plan, otherwise save your money and look at Monoprice.com or Blue Jean cables. I went with Blue Jean because they carry Belkin which has a solid reputation for build quality.
The Audioquest comp cables work very very well, although the Oppo is only reported to shine using HDMI, DVI connections...IMO comp cables are still atleast as good or even better but to each there own, I say Comp is better spending my entire working life in printing and graphic arts, so color and depth is very important to me.
I bought a cheap HDMI cable from http://www.mcminone.com/search.asp?keyword=hdmi+cable

for about $25 while I was waiting for a much more expensive back-ordered cable.

Finally got the back ordered cable, hooked it up. Unhooked it and returned it.

No difference. This surprised me.

Note: if your TV back is not accessible once the TV is in place, tape your HDMI cable in place as they have a tendancy to loosen as the hold is not very tight.

I do hear a lot of different opinions on how good HDMI really is, so make your own mind up. I am not that convinced it is really any better. But I also think the CRT TV has a better picture than the 50" plasmas I have owned!!!! HD or not.
Folks over at AVSFORUM.COM are talking about the cheaper HDMI cables having problems with 1080p. For this, stick with audioquest or wireworld. Monoprice is fantastic for the money but if you are trying to futureproof this might not work for you.
"HDMI cables having problems with 1080p." There is a lot of truth to that. Some of the cheaper cables are also having trouble with solder breakage too. As for buying cheap cables, I have no problem with going the cheaper route for audio cables, but for video cables I'll opt for a higher priced/quality cable.
If it's a short run 1m - 3m then it's pretty tough to notice the differences between the low & high end HDMI cables. If you've got to do a 5m + then it's very easy to see the difference. The WireWorld cables are the best for the money imo. The Silver Starlight is the only one I know of that's 1080p compliant up to 20m.
I have no opinion on which cable but rather is the HDMI hookup really any better than component? Sorry but I've tried comparisons with two DVD players and have to give the edge to component hookup. Am I the only one who has this opinion?
Meanwhile I ordered the Oppo 981 so I will go HDMI all the way. The Pio 427xd has arrived and I'm really very happy with it !
HDMI is sending 1s and 0s so it doesn't make a difference. monoprice.com is the top choice over on avsforum these days.

Thats intersting, though I have been seeing that wrote often about it not being too different.

I have an older high def big screen so I can't get into the world of HDMI, though its nice to read I am not missing much.

It will be intersting to keep an eye on this forum...
I believe comp video is superior and I have DVI, HDMI capable units.