HDMI Alternatives

Is anybody familiar with any alternatives to HDMI connection? I'm currently undergoing some reconstruction with a tv mount above the fireplace and the installation crew told the stereo store that they couldnt run HDMI cables because of the way that the cables are going to be bent and possible damaged. The guy at the store said that they used a cat 5 cable with Muxlabs balun connector. What ever that means and Im' not sure if I'm spelling that correctly but thats what it sounded like. He said the net effect is the same as HDMI. Any info would be appreciated. I didnt think there was anything similar and equivalent to HDMI.
Try this

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Good info, Looks like the MuxLab Balun connector sends audio and video on cat5 cable. Maybe larger scale video and audio projects use this because running HDMI isnt feasable. Possibly some consumers may not even know it. Ive got a Sony Bravia 46 W series. Not sure what effect not having "deep color" will mean.

Does "hdmi" include "dvi" cables? This may sound stupid on my part, just trying to help. Because, if you have the connection on the box, dvi is the same, with video but no audio. The audio obviously, you would connect elsewhere with composite. I think the net result is the same.
Is the problem going to be in the wall or behind the TV? We always try to run conduit to fireplace TV locations for future use. And there are right angle adapters to keep from having to sharply bend HDMI cables.
Im not sure if HDMI cable has DVI cables inside of it.

Im not exactly sure why they couldnt get the HDMI through with out damage. The crew that installed the wires told that to the store owner. In my opinion, this is something that should have been done. I just want to make sure that im not loosing any quality by using the above mentioned technolgy. If he has to go back and install the HDMI I want to make sure that its better because we agreed to use HDMI prior to the job.
C019740- Better question; why are you putting the TV above the fireplace? That's sort of equivalent to sitting in the first few rows at the movie theater. Not good for your neck if you're going to sit there very long.

Plus not ideal for audio. Way out of sync if you're using floor standing speakers. Or, way over your head if your using flat panel speakers on the sides and under the TV.

We thought about it a long time! like 4 months. Wife liked it, plus I got to get the B&W surrounds in ceilings, the REL sub I wanted and the sources I wanted. So I figure a decent tradeoff. I have a two channel in another room for music only. The room is not big enough for floor standing and frankly I didnt want floor standing in the family room. I personally dont like this sort of equipment to be a focal point. Just my opinion.
C019740- Your opinion counts the most. Enjoy your setup. And making tradeoffs with the wife is something all us crazies have to deal with.

If at all possible try to install conduit for future use and to protect the wiring.
A good mechanic won't bend a cable too much. I somehow think somebody is just not willing to do it.

The problem is that only a well manufactured HDMI cable, with proper factory terminations will give you the 'handshake' required for future copy protection.

I just finished a tough re-model, but with the walls open I was able to run HDMI cables through the toughest places.

When the studs are still exposed, take a Saturday and just do it yourself.

Oh, running lots of CAT-6 cable is also a good idea.
Here are the cables they installed. I've got three RG6 cables that they labeled R, B & G, and 2 Proflex Cat5e cables. I would assume that the Cat5e is for video and the RG6 is for what? I would assume the sound would come strait from the Satelite box to the receiver direct to the speakers so Im not sure what the RG6 would be used for? (not from the tv.)They will connect these cables to an HDMI connector that will be attached to the TV and Recieiver.
Three RG6 cables will make component video(Red,Blue and Green)
The VideoEase HDMI Econo Extender Kit (500400) allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 200 ft (60m) via two (2) Cat5e unshielded twisted pair cables in a point-to-point configuration at 1080i resolution. The kit comes with one (1) transmit side device and one (1) receiver side device.

Notice where it says 1080i, not 1080p. That would not truly replace HDMI.