HDMI Adapter???

Has anyone used an HDMI adapter to DVI with any success in trying to get a hi-def picture?

My HD DVD player requires an HDMI connection for a hi-def picture. My projector only has the regular rca connector for video or DVI connector.

your comments and experiences here will be welcomed..

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It should work just fine. I've used one between my HD cable STB and Plasma Display. Another possibility is to buy a cable that is DVI on one side and HDMI on the other. I bought one from PCcables.com. Here's a link to the one I bought. I think it was a very good cable for the $18.00 price.



yes I have.
I picked up an HDMI /DVI cable from Signal cable and am happy with the results. (oppo 871 ?)

Good luck,
Just used an HDMA-DVI cable yesterday to demo an HD processor. Passed an HD pix just fine.
With both of the Hi-Def formats You might have a problem with the HDMI to DVI connection because of a sync issue having to do with HDCP. I had ths problem with my Sanyo PLV-Z2 and others have had the same problems with various other older projectors(couple years) with this connection. I had this issue with the Sony BDP-S1 and the Toshiba HD-XA1(hi-def players). I never had a problem with my Pioneer DV-59Avi or any other SD/up converting player through the conversion.(HDMI out DVI in).
I second the MonoPrice recommendation. I have to laugh when I see folks paying hundreds of dollars for HDMI cables that can be purchased from MonoPrice for less than $25.

That adapter looks like the way to go for you, despite the fact that it doesn't cost enough [smile]...

Man, this hi-def video thing has got me twisted in knots. I just realized that the connection on the back of my projector is not HDMI, but a VGA conector.

So, I'm ordering THIS CABLE from MonoPrice to see if I can get this thing to fly. The cable connects to the VGA connector on the back of my projector and goes to the component video jacks on the back of the HD DVD player. Eleven bucks plus shipping. I can upgrade later....the most important thing now is if it will fly.

So, should I be able to get a hi-def picture with the component video setup? Is anyone getting a hi-def picture using compnent video and not using the HDMI connection?

Just as I've seem to finally gotten a handle on 2 channel, the march up the hi-end video food chain starts here. Thank goodness for Audiogon.

thanks to all of you for your help

I got the cable today and the high definition picture is stunning.

..thanks to all of you for your help on this..

There is no difference in quality between DVI and HDMI
HDMI carries digital picture and sound.
DVI carries only digital picture.

AR makes inexpensive HDMI to DVI adapters and work fine. That way you can invest in a good HDMI cable for when you get a new projector or plasma with the now standard HDMI connection.