HDMI - 5 m 16.5 ft -long - what to pay attention?

Hi all,
I want to connect the Oppo BDP-95 to the TV with a HDMI cable. However, the cable has to be 5 meters (16.5 ft) long.Is this possible and what should I pay attention to? And what cable do you recommend bearing in mind my budget of up to USD 500?
Cheers and thank you for your advise
Go to Monoprice.com They have an excellent selection of high quality HDMI for cheap. Don't spend oodles of money on HDMI. Spend that money elsewhere.
Also, if your looking for a good sub woofer cable, give Bluejeans cable a try. I bought their Sub woofer cable for about $30. and it's the best Sub woofer cable I have ever used.
I bought an HDMI off Amazon, 35' in length. Worked just fine. In fact I could discern no difference between it and the more expensive Monster @ $69 per 1.5m.


I use a Transparent Audio 50ft HDMI from my sat dish to projector. Colors are richer using it vs a 1 meter no name HDMI cable...so better cable, even the wife can see it...
The following is directly from the Ayre website
USB Cable Requirements

Perhaps the one weakness of USB is that the maximum cable length is somewhat limited, typically 3 meters (~10') to 5 meters (~16'). We have found that one of the most common problems encountered when setting up a USB-based music system is the cable itself. Regardless of any claims from the cable manufacturer, we have found that performance can degrade when exceeding 3 meters. Ayre cannot guarantee the operation or performance of any system utilizing a USB cable longer than 3 meters.

In the case when it is not possible to locate the USB D/A converter within 3 meters of the computer, Ayre has found that the Icron USB extender works well. It is claimed to work up to 100 meters. We have tested it up to 100' and have no reason to doubt their claim. It also operates reliably at speeds up to 192 kHz, even with the asynchronous operation used in the Ayre A/D converters which requires concurrent signal transmission in both directions. It is not inexpensive, at around $325 in the US, but a low-cost ($50) USB extender we tested did not function at all with an Ayre USB D/A converter. There may be other similar products that work well, but we have not tested them and cannot verify their performance.
Sony makes nice HDMI Cables , flat , I own the 5 meter , The model; number is Sony DLC-HE50HF , less that 60 bucks on Amazon. I like it better than my Audioquest. SQ and PQ superb.