Need to run HDMI cable about 35', from AV receiver to TV.
Do I need to boost the cable signal??
If so, how?
No. My 4k projector is about 35' distant from an Oppo UDP-205 player, works perfectly with regular Blue Jeans HDMI cable.
Available devices with  best wireless HDMI for gaming must be certified to adhere to the standard. This is great because if the device says it supports HDMI 2.1, it supports HDMI 2.1. It allows you to see the image resolution up to 8K @ 120Hz and the digital audio frequency on the combined surface. Despite the regular update, you can now connect HDMI wireless! And technology is an improvement on this. First of all, the cable is down and now you can have an HDMI and wireless transmitter system. It allows you to send audio and video radio.