HDCDs from China?

All over E-bay are HDCDs from China. I have bought a few of these with mixed quality results. They claim to be legitimate, but I am having my doubts. Most seem to be double or triple albums of popular artists for $10-20. Does anyone know anything about these, legit, ripoffs, garbage?

Are there any HDCD labels from the USA?

There are quite a few from the USA, go to http://www.hdcd.comfor a listing.

I have purchased two Chines HDCD's, Enya and Norah Jones. Mine seem to be legitimate, sound quality is good, they light up the light on my cdp, production label is well known. I think you just have to be careful and do some research, I am sure there are fakes as well.


There was a recent topic about this on the Steve Hoffman Forum (stevehoffman.tv). Many of those CDs are indeed legit and HDCD encoded, but some are pirate CDs and only use the HDCD sticker to sell better.

Of course HDCD doesn't say anything on the quality of the remastering.
China has a huge problem with pirated CDs and DVDs. The government cracks down on occasion, but there are far to many people who make copied CDs and DVDs and then pawn them off on anyone willing to pay the cut-rate prices for which they will sell their illegal discs.
The Last Comment of Ornette "Of course HDCD doesn't say anything on the quality of the remastering" Is So True
I Bought Several of These HDCDs as well and Some How I feel They are ReMastered in Such a Way That The Bass & Highs are Empahasized More.
I Found the Albums to Be Very Thin and Bright, with very good clarity. Bass Is Emphasized But the Mid range seemed Not Very Liquid or TameAble.
There is Software on the Market "Audio Acoustica" That will Change your MP3s into Cd-Wave Quality CDs or Vice Versa (supposedly). I Almost Think that This Is the Same Process China Uses to get the HDCD. I'm Not an engineer, but perhaps this is the same job a DAC accomplishes... The Better the DAc the Better the End Sonic Quality.
If You Compare These to Standard Quality CDs They're Great... But Compared to Audiophile Quality theres No Comparison.
I think Value was Great I bought a bunch and Paid an Average of $4 per Disc Plus a Discounted Shipping Rate.
I had a friend who returned from a trip to China and came back with the latest Matrix movie. One week after the movie was released in the theater. The packaging was very professional looking. He showed it to me on a computer screen and after a few minutes there was a shadow of a head from someone walking in front of the movie theater screen. I have no doubt that this could happen on any form of media.

I was born and raised in the US but having a wife who is from China and educated at the university level in both countries (Masters degree in China and Law degree in the US) provides for a unique insight into the practices in that country.

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The 24 karat gold digitally remastered HDCD release "The Platters' Platinum Collection" on the Chinese Prime label is outstanding.

I'm interested in buying some of these chinese HDCD's.

How and where do I find them?


I have purchased some of these Chinese gold HDCDs. I felt the soung quality to be rough at best. The highs are piercing. I don't know if they are legit or not. I see gold 3 CD sets going for $9.95 on eBay. Just doesn't seem right does it? They definitely don't sound better than the domestic aluminum CDs of same titles. AND, the quality of the jewel cases is pathetic. Caveat emptor from this listener. BTW: The color doesn't seem right either. They don't quite look like DCC or MFSL gold stuff. I have had good luck with Japanese, Taiwan and Hong Kong gold releases though. Just ordered a 24bit gold version from Singapore as an experiment.
I agree with Rja. Half of the Beatles collection on HDCD gold discs for $9.95 just doesn't seem right. I have difficulty believing they have legal license for these recordings.
I got the Elvis 2nd to none CD and it sounds better than some of my 'made in America HDCD's'. Very lively sounding, dynamic, punchy bass. Definitely way better than the RCA versions. I've bought DCC Gold CD's Mobile Sound Gold CD's and to me they are not worth 20 dollars plus. I'll pay 10 bucks or less for the Chinese HCCD especially since some of the titles are not available in the US as HDCD. I have a good Sonus Faber/Classe/Music Hall-Shanling CD player and the Elvis CD really sounds good. Licensing? I don't know? But I don't think anyone is going to China and take them to court.