HDCD Transport to non HDCD dac

Hello All,

I have a question. If you have a CD transport that decodes HDCD going to a dac that is not HDCD will you still get the sound benefits of the HDCD? Please let me know.
Who makes a CD "transport" with a Pacific Microsonics HDCD decoding chip (a chip owned by Microsoft, from what I understand) in it? I've never heard of such a "transport".. Who makes such a "transport"!? I want to know!

Now, If you have a CD "player" that decodes HDCD, and you want to ue it as a "transport", then make sure your "outboard DAC" has the HDCD decoding capability in it, if you want to hear your HDCD encoded CD's.

Your outboard "DAC" needs to have the HDCD chip in it, before it can decode and produce the sound of HDCD encoded CD's.
I recall the McCormack SST-1 transport would not send the HDCD signal to an HDCD capable DAC. I suspect there were others.

Any cd "transport" will send HDCD encoded digital out of it's digital output/s, and any cd "player" if it has digital output will also output HDCD.

The DAC is the section that has the HDCD chip processing in it.

Cheers George
Thanks for all the help. I'm sorry about the word "transport" what I have is a Rotel RCD-990 that I am using as a transport going to a Parasound Dac-1100 both have HDCD but I was thinking of upgrading the dac with the IC CS8414 and DF1704. But if I do this I will lose the dac's HDCD in the dac. That is why I wanted to know about this.