Has anyone seen a HDCD AND SACD player combo?
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Lindemann D680 from Germany. Not sure if its still available in US. Much more expensive (>$7K) than the Denon 5900 ($1.6K)and only does cd, no DVD-A nor DVD.
Denon DVD-5900
Classe Omega--great player, but $12,000.
This may not fit what you're looking for but if you wish you could go with an SACD player using analog outputs and a separate DAC with HDCD decoding capabilities. Much less than the Classe option noted.

My Rotel 1066 SS processor includes HDCD, so it doesn't matter that my player lacks it.
When I play HDCD on my Sony es9000 player there is noticable back ground static,I know the es9000 is a SACD/DVD player but it still plays HDCD(not to its full potential)..is it common that a SACD playing HDCD discs experiences back groung grime?.....it sounds like a bad ground loop......the player working perfectly it just sounds bad playing HDCD titles.