hdcd recommendations jazz or classical

can you recommend some hdcd recordings that are jazz or classical. thanks
Reference Recordings "Tutti" orchestral sampler, I'm at a loss for HDCD jazz. Sonny Boy Williamson isn't really jazz, it's blues, but the reissue from Analogue Productions is a very good HDCD. My favorite jazz on CD, are on JVC XRCD. They are still awesome. If you really love classical and jazz, you need to get into vinyl. If you think HDCD sounds better than CD's not encoded with it, you ought to hear a vinyl rig in the same price range as your digital. It is a Pandora's box, I admit, but then so is this whole hobby anyway. Good luck.
The CD release of Dave Brubeck's all time classic "Time Out" (which includes Take Five) is HDCD.
All of the Reference Recordings releases for the past few years have been HDCD. The series of recordings with the Minnesota Orchestra, particularly the Bernstein disc, are excellent recordings and good performances, although there are some who believe Oue's tempos are too slow.
there are several Jerry Garcia (some with David Grissman and or Tony Rice)....they are on the "Analogue Productions" label I believe and say "Dawg Studio's" on them. They are all HDCD and are wonderful all acoustic recordings....Mostly 6 string guitars and Grissman on mandolin.