HDCD question.....

I have a cheap Samsung player that does SACD, DVD-A and all that...my Rotel says it is HDCD ready. In the Samsung manual makes no mention of HDCD, so as long as the Rotel can Process it will I be able to fully enjoy the HDCD format? Or do both player and processor need to be HDCD, the Samsung does all other current format so maybe it does HDCD, but any help would be appreciated, thanks again
no. must have front end with hdcd capabilty
??? From what I was always taught, if your Rotel has the capability to handle the HDCD processing then you could use practically any player and still get the benefits of HDCD (as long as you connect them correctly). If "HDCD-ready" means the chip/processing is there, then you should be OK. You do have to use a digital connection between the player and Rotel.
In order to use the HDCD capability of your Rotel, you'll have to bypass the Samsung processing and connect to the Rotel through a coaxial or optical digital cable. It's a 'one or the other' thing.
The info needed to 'do' HDCD is in the D/A unit (or not)
The transport DOES NOT MATTER.
Any transport will do, it is the D/A converter that must have the HDCD decoding.
If I recall correctly, the HDCD standard requires that a red LED light up when processing an HDCD signal. If this is true, you will know for sure.
Actually, in the mid-'90s, I had an Audio Research transport that would not pass the HDCD signal to my Theta DAC. My ARC dealer said it was a deliberate design decision on the part of ARC. I replaced it with a Classe transport, which worked just fine with the Theta.
Elizabeth is exaclty correct. It is in the D/A unit. The transport does not matter.
does it sound much better than normal Red-book?
I don't have too many HDCDs, but the ones I do have sound considerably better with greatly expanded soundstage.
S7horton: You are exactly wrong. The ARC transport would not pass an HDCD signal. It's possible that some other transports will not, either. Call Leonard at ARC if you don't believe me.
I used several transports with both the Adcom GDA-700 dac and a PS Audio dac, both of which never failed to detect HDCD on properly encoded CDs. My current player also processes HDCD. For your situation Chadnliz, if you run the Rotel as a stand alone player you will have no problem processsing HDCD encoded discs.
I have compared several HDCD discs against non-encoded CDs with same program and have always perceived a positive difference wjth HDCD.
As long as the HDCD enabled DAC receives an exact copy of the datastream on the disk it will recognize and decode an HDCD encoded datastream. Some transports (Wadia 270 for example) apply dither to the data from the disk to generate a new datastream with larger wordsize (> 16 bits). This will destroy the HDCD encoding of the original datastream. Only a few transports do this, and all allow one to disable dither if desired.

Some jitter reductiion/resolution enhancement devices (Genesis Digital Lens, AA DTI Pro series among others)perform the same function and will also destroy the HDCD encoding unless dither is disabled.

I wasn't aware that the ARC transports had this feature.

99% of all transports pass along an unaltered datastream.
thanks all