HDCD music suggestions???

Hi all. I still have my Arcam Alpha 8SE CD/HDCD player; just can't seem to part with it. Use my Cambridge Azur for the newer 24-bit discs, but still really enjoy the HDCD format. I have the Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen HDCD boxsets, and a few Mark Knopfler discs, and a smattering of others, but I'd like to pick up more. I like Jazz, and I have Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue HDCD, but she's a bit dark for my tastes. Any suggestions for high quality HDCD recordings?? Upbeat Jazz, anything with nice quitar or drum tracks; all suggestions welcome. Many thanks!!
Try Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar's recordings. At least some of them are in HDCD and they should be something you would like.
Bunch of Joni Mitchell's recordings were re-released as HDCD -are clearly marked as HDCD.So are a pile of Greatful Dead recordings. Seem to remember Red `House and Rhino had quit a few.Years ago someone published a list of HDCD encoded CD's - there was a bunch of Jazz on that list -might of been on HeadFi.org?
HDCD's are most of the really knock out CD's I own - really sorry this system didn't catch on.
This is one of the reasons I still own a EAD DSP-9000/III.
Rajaz by Camel.
king crimson
Sea Change, by Beck.
Neil Young also has a bunch on HDCD if you are into his music. If you search "cd universe HDCD" you will get a ton of titles to consider.
The Reference Recordings catalog is worth checking out.
the first three Cars records have been re-released in HDCD and so have the Roxy Music records. There is a Doors box set (one of many) that is recorded in HDCD. I can't remember the name of the set but it provides the discs in mini-LP sleeves.
I'm going to give King Crimson a try, since that seems very popular. Have all the Cars on HDCD and love them. I'm not familiar with Dave Carter or Tracy Grammar, but I'll give them a try also. Any others???
The two HDCD are Drum Hat Buddha and Tanglewood Tree. Hard to describe but very good.
"Sea Change" by Beck is fantastic. I was not a Beck fan until I listened to this. If you like it, and I predict you will, get Beck's "Mutation" also HDCD encoded.
Another CD I always recommend when HDCD is the topic is "A Nod To Bob" on Red House Records label. This wonderful sounding compilation cd turned me on to several artists.
05-05-09: Timrhu
"Sea Change" by Beck is fantastic.
"Sea Change" is simply an excellent recording. It sounds amazing on redbook as well as SACD. In fact, I prefer the redbook version.
Many Talking Heads are in HDCD--Stop Making Sense remastered is very good quality

All Grateful Dead have been HDCD since mid 90s, and all new releases are in this format

Some David Grisman and Jerry Garcia releases are HDCD

Dave Brubeck, Time Out remaster is a killer HDCD, but isn't labeled as such! You know when the red light is on.......

most of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. I've got a few and all are great
Ginger Baker "Falling off the Roof" with Charlie Haden and Bill Frisell
Lawrence Juber "Guitarist"; Neil Young "Massey Hall 1971"
Great suggestion re: Dave Brubeck's "Time Out" in HDCD; unbelievable audio. Absolutely superb audiophile quality, and extra so given that it was originally recorded in 1969!! The HDCD re-mastering is other-worldly!!