HDCD Lists


I have read from several different posts on the internet that there seems to be lists available on the internet of the recordings that are HDCD. I would appreciate it if anyone could please forward to me the links where these lists are available.

audiocircle.com also has an active thread with HDCDs not listed on HDCD.com
There was a very recent thread on this subject here on Audiogon.
Timrhu - were can you find the thread on audiocircle.com?
OK so I'm an idiot! The thread I was thinking of is on Headfi.org. Try this http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=67082&highlight=hdcd
Sorry for confusion.
I have looked several times at HDCD.com and it takes me to the Microsoft web site. I have looked several times and I can not find a link to a page that lists the cd's available in HDCD. I am probably missing something, could you please let me know if this site still has a link to the list of cd's available in HDCD.
Try this web page: http://www.hitbutiken.com/hdcd/index.php?p=base
It's in German but a very large list.
You might check out http://www.fishrecords.co.uk/index.html
Larryvt, thanks for that site. I have a couple of those discs in the HDCD list. I have recommended the compilation disc "A Nod to Bob" a couple times on this site and will do it again. It's great. I'll check out a few others from that list. I hope the originator of this thread is checking them out as well.