HDCD List somewhere?

Aside from having to closely examine every gem case is there a list somewhere that identifies what cd's have been recorded in HDCD? I recently got a dvd player that plays HDCD's and I want to get more. With the price tags and other junk they stick on the cd cases it is at times difficult to tell if a cd is HDCD or not.
Here is the website for the complete list of HDCD's:


Hope this helps you in locating these great sounding CDs.
Unfortunately viewing the box graphics doesn't always tell you an HDCD from redbook - they're not always ID'd as HDCD. We've had several pleasant "surprises" in that respect but I wish they'd make a better effort to more prominently identify these 20 bit releases. Stevie Nicks "Enchanted" boxed set is one example of not being properly identified as HDCD; this is a fantastic sounding set whose quality just obliterates the same songs in their original redbook format. I doubt the record companies at all realize the enhanced marketability to those of us who really appreciate this format.
Here you go. just click on music catalog and thank me later.

yes that's a good site but is reportedly not a complete rundown of all available HDCD releases. Certainly better than nothing.