HD Upsampling DVD Players

Does anyone have experience with upsampling DVD players? There are many that are very cheap, as well as many which are very expensive? Does the upsampling work better than the built-in scaling of a HD monitor?

Any experience with this would be appreciated.

I can't answer specifically if an upsampling CD player will have better video quality than the TVs scaler. However, I'm guessing that the Upsampling DVD player will be better if configured properly.

The Oppo 971 is $199 direct from Oppo and it is generally considered to have the best video quality of ANY current DVD player, regardless of price. However, this outstanding picture quality is only via the Oppo's digital output (DVI or DVI->HDMI). The picture quality is not as good when connected via component video. If your TV has a DVI input or an HDMI input, the Oppo 971 is likely your best choice for picture quality. The Oppo comes with a DVI-DVI cable and a DVI-HDMI adapter).

I know several people that have purchased the Oppo and they all LOVE IT!

To read more than you may ever want to know about the Oppo, go to the DVD forum at www.AVSforum.com.