HD Tuner Updates for 2010

Hello All:
I ran the gambit of past HD tuner threads prior to purchasing. Does any one have any recent info/experience with these tuners. Pros/Cons? A listing of available products can be found at http://www.hdradio.com
Insignia, Sangean & Sony still appear to have the entry level market share.
Have the Sony component tuner, great sounding unit and price can't be beat. The one drawback is lost of power to the unit will cause all the preset stations to be removed. Minor pain having to reset all the stations again. Would like too know if the Sangean keeps the stations. HD radio is better.
I have had two Sony's upgraded by Mike at Radio X Tuners. His upgrades include "memory extension", which solves the power outage problem. The "audiophile upgrade" makes an already good tuner much better sounding. The "Forced Analog"option, allows you to prevent automatic switching to HD. I'm using one with a Musical Fidelity Tube Buffer which adds tube warmth.