HD Tracks--clock with sundial?

Does anyone here have experience with the download service called HD Tracks?
I ordered my first download from them 36 hours ago and it is still in progress.
This is, like, not the norm, right?
No it is not the norm. Usually takes a minute or two if you have broadband or DSL service. Dial up service may take quite awhile depending on connection speed. You may try direct connection to your modem if you are using a wi fi router. Keep us posted and try to contact HD Tracks tommorrow am.
Not in my experience, but remember that they are pretty large files. How much music did you order and what kind of internet connection do you have? I downloaded 3 or 4 cds via comcast cable connection recently and it did take about a while; maybe 30-60 minutes. Hopefully you do not have a dial-up connection.
Unless you ordered 20+ albums something is wrong. However your internet speed could be contributing. Suggest you contact them, or start over. Perhaps you have a faster connection at work you can use instead?