HD Tracks album details

Where do you get album details such as remaster dates or release dates for the HD tracks downloads? At least for CDs on Amazon, for example, they will have a number of issues of different release dates, remaster history, etc. There seems to be no such info on HD Tracks. Also, do they use the same master of the 24 bit/96K as the 24 bit/196K versions? They do not clarify one way or the other.

I do not want to get burned buying an expensive download of a crappy source. Got burned when downloading HD high res of String Cheese Incident concerts. One night the sound recording was fantastic, the night before it was crap-sounded like the sound tech was asleep.
HDtracks generally does not give specific source info about their downloads. They say they can't get this info from the labels.

There was an accusation that some of their downloads were upsampled cds and apparently this was true in a few cases (no content above the 22khz frequency). HDtracks says that doesn't happen anymore and I'd guess that someone out there checks to make sure that's true.

As with every other format, sound quality varies from album to album. TAS reviews a few and a few are discussed here. All I can recommend is that you ask about the sound quality of a specific album you're interested in and see if anyone has an opinion.

The questions you ask are not as relevant as you might think. The most important question is the quality of the original recording. Some current CD's, that were recently recorded, are as good as HD downloads; while some HD downloads of old records are a waste of time. It's a "tricky wicket" because each case is unique.

Enjoy the music.