HD Sattelite Reciever and analog preamp

I have McIntosh all-analog MC preamp with no digital processing, and I need to use HD Sattelite reciever in the same system, which does not have 5.1 analog outs to connect to the preamp.
I was thinking about MC reciever with 5.1 pre-outs to connect to McIntosh.
Anybody has any suggestions???
I think the Outlaw Audio SS receivers have always had pre-outs for all channels.

You can get the C46 Pre amp and find a used MSD4 processor from McIntosh. Or you may look into the MX119, MX135 or a used MX134 to do the job. If you want a receiver the MHT200
that would keep you in McIntosh.

I forgot to mention: I want a very inexpensive solution, since all I actually need is DolbyDigital and DTS decoding of HD sattelite sound.
So does your Mc have six analog inputs to pass thru? If so you can pick up a used MSD4 or a MAC3 on Audiogon or AudioClassics.com for a good price they both are good units. I am not aware of any other stand alone processors.
What Mc piece do you have?
yeah you should be able to simply insert something like a used quality DD/DTS pre-pro (that has a multi-channel input/bypass) into your Mac's multi-ch input(should have one). The, you can simply connect that to the Mac, digital connection from your sat box to that pre-pro, and out to your MAC. Any SACD/DVDA connections can be done through the AV-pre, which will go out to the MAC.
Then, when you need 2 channel sources, via analog, you can simpy run the Mac. Easy enough...
Sorry, I wasn't clear. I have MvIntosh C-45 Multichannel preamp with two sets of multichannel inputs. One I'm using for DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio and will use the second set with HD satellite reciever.
Maril555, that is indeed a very nice pre-amp. I have the MX135 which is built on that chassis as a base plus the processing. I would try for the MSD4 if you can find one they would work together nicely. Check with audioclassics.com,I bought one there a few years ago used and it was in excellent shape.