HD ready madness

As an early adapter I purchased a Mitsubishi Big Screen that was HD Ready - 1080i with componant imput. You know the story - everything is now HDMI etc. So my question is: does anyone know how to get an upsampled signal from a DVD player in 1080i through component inputs on the TV? Does any DVD player do this? Are there conversion boxes? I've heard there are security issues etc. Help!

I'm so confused I'm probably not even asking this right so please forgive my ignorance. Any help would be appreciated.
What if you buy a adapter to convert from Comp to either HDMI video portion or DVI?

I have no idea if this will work but it's the only device I could find for you. I have heard that is actually illegal to convert hdmi to component so who knows.

You should just bite the bullett and get a new Mitsubishi 1080p big screen. I have the 65" and the picture is amazing(after it was calibrated by an ISF certified technician).
You will get answers here, but a much better place to go is www.avsforum.com
I don't know which model you have or how old it is but my 65813 gives up its best picture via component.(This is a crt set) I have tried the dvi and have also tried hdmi to dvi. There is no improvement to be had using the these newer connections. My set is only 3years old but using a quality upconverting player via component is the best I can get. My dvd player is the Arcam fmj27 and it upconverts to 720.---What is your model and type?--(dlp/crt?)
Another question,does your set have a digital atsc tuner on board? QUAM tuners are for a cable card. Then part of hdmi most forget is hdcp which is to allow the highest res. via hdmi--copy protection.--Don't let the 720 fool you. Depending on your tv,720 looks better than 1080i on some sets./mine being one of them.--My Mits. has the 9"guns.
It is a Mitsubishi 65" CRT WS-65819. The connectors in the DTV 1080i space are only component rca. It has no internal HD tuner.

I can't afford any bullets at this time, but I would like to be able to send a 1080i picture from a DVD player via component cable.
First, DVD is only 480i.. no matter what. IF the DVD player has an upscaler, then it will upscale the picture and send it out. If your TV does this just as well, then you DO NOT NEED what you are asking for.
Use component from your DVD player and be happy. NO MATTER WHAT, the TV upscales to it's native resolution.
So, you are good to go AS IS.. unless you want HD-DVD, or Blu-Ray.. then you gotta buy a new screen anyway...
Be happy...
Agreed with others, you don't really need it. And you won't be able to find it anyway - the DVD spec forbids players from outputting an upscaled signal using anything other than VGA, DVI, or HDMI. If your TV lacks those inputs, then just spend the money on a next-gen player instead (HD-DVD, Blu-Ray), or save your money for a new display.
HD-DVD discs do currently allow HD-DVD 1080i output over component (but not upsampled dvd, that violates the ict in place on the dvd's). Until the time that they start implementing the ict flags you would have no issue. But you may want to check out the oppo and the older samsung players which would allow you to output 1080i upsampled dvd's over component.
I have the same issues with my Loewe CRT except that it only accepts a HD signal through the VGA input and not through the componenet (this is by design and stated in the manual) I wanted to get a DVR and started looking at transcoders but they were expensive $400-$600 and most went the other way component source converted to DVI. DVI to HDMI required another box. There was one I found that I could use but it was too pricey $700+.

Google transcoder +DVI +HDMI

Oh yes friend. Hard to find probably but i own a dvd player that upconverts 1080i thru component video!!!! The model is the Zenith DVB318. There were very few made because of the copyright crap ! They quickly changed it so it could only do it thru dvi or hdmi but this unit is what you want if you can only use component for your hd! Wow what a picture it puts out!!!!! Every bit as good, almost as my toshiba hd dvd player which uses hdmi!!!! If you would like pics let me know!